12 Hot Foreplay Ideas for Better Sex


The Emjoy Team

December 7, 2022
12 Hot Foreplay Ideas for Better Sex
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Getting ready for a night out, waiting to open your Christmas presents, planning your next holiday… Sometimes the anticipation and excitement is just as good or even better than the main event itself. The same goes for sex. So get inspired by these twelve foreplay ideas that’ll give you and your partner a ton of pleasure, no penetration or orgasming necessary. 

1. Kiss! 

One of the first foreplay ideas we have to mention is kissing. It might seem obvious but the power of a good kiss is often underestimated. Every time we kiss, the brain releases the feel-good hormones oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. Not only does it make us feel happy, kissing has so many benefits including stronger relationships and decreased stress levels. And you don’t have to lock lips for hours to feel its effects. A few minutes can work wonders. So pucker up, baby!

2. Treat each other to a massage

We can’t talk about foreplay without mentioning this tried and tested classic: the massage. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional to make your partner feel amazing. Check out these top tips on how to give and receive the perfect sensual massage and let the good times roll. 

3. Sext

Did you know that foreplay can start long before you and your partner are in the bedroom? Sexting can be a great way to build up sexual tension until the moment you can ravish each other IRL and is also an excellent way to add a spark to an otherwise floundering sexual relationship. So don’t wait for your partner to spontaneously grab you in the midst of a Netflix marathon or resign yourself to the same boring sex routine. Spark your partner’s desire with a sexy message. 

4. Send nudes 

On that same note, why not send your lover a sexy photo? Sending nudes or sexy snaps can make us feel powerful, sexy, and is a great way to click-start your and your partner’s desire and arousal. Just make sure to send your nudes safely and get your partner’s consent first. You don’t want to send it when Granny is flicking through the latest holiday snaps!

5. Have fun with roleplay 

Roleplay can also be a fantastic way to do foreplay and there are so many ways to do it. You could indulge in a powerplay fantasy like boss and employee, teacher and student, or police officer and civilian. Or how about pretending one of you is the delivery person who gets seduced by the other. You could even start in the morning by adopting two different sexy personas and text each other throughout the day while staying in character. Arrange to meet later in the day and by the time you do you’ll be bursting with sexual tension. The only real limit is your imagination. If you’d like some more inspiration, make sure to check out these roleplay ideas

6. Play a sex game

Games can be a fantastic way to communicate your desires, get into the mood and generate even more foreplay ideas. And you don’t need to shell out on a commercial sex board game. Here’s an idea you’ll only need a pen and paper for: get some slips of paper and on each one write down activities you’d like to do. For example, you might write: "watch a sexy movie together", "listen to an erotic story together" or more specific things like "have blindfolded sex",  "try bondage" or "use only your tongue to caress each other". Then you can take turns opening the slips of paper and explain in more detail how you'd like to do it. This way you can see if both of you are up for it, how you’d like it to be done, and find out what each other’s personal boundaries are.

7. Bathe or shower together

Another super intimate and pleasurable foreplay activity is to take a bath or shower together. While it’s already pretty hot to get up close and personal in the water together, you can add to the excitement by washing each other. Sensually lathering soap or shower gel on each other’s bodies while making eye contact can be incredibly sensual. And drying each other with a towel afterwards can be very intimate too. And who knows, maybe things will get so hot and steamy in there that you’ll finish off with a showergasm! 

8. Mix things up with body play

When talking about foreplay we can’t forget body play like breast play, nipple stimulation, oral sex… these are all foreplay activities. It doesn’t really matter what you do, the main thing is to have an adventurous spirit and to try different things. So take some time to explore each other’s bodies, including areas beyond the genitals. Maybe you’ll find an erogenous zone you never knew about! 

9. Experiment with sex toys 

Oh, and don’t forget sex toys from sex shops! Sex toys can be an awesome way to experience new sensations and the fun already starts when you pick a toy out together (e.g. a sex doll - check this website). And you don’t just have to use it to reach orgasm. You could use the toy on different body parts to enjoy new sensations together. You might also consider a sex game with cards or challenges you can try together which are a lot of fun. If you’re not sure what type of toy is best for you, check out this ultimate guide. Else try this funny ai sex toy helper to help you choose the right sex toy.

10. Get turned on by erotic art 

If you’d like something more visual, why not look at erotic art together? Looking at a sexy input can be a great way to increase your arousal. Especially if you caress each other at the same time. And fortunately, you don’t need to go to an art gallery to do this. There are plenty of social media accounts that post suggestive paintings or photographs that can lead to conversations about things you'd like to try or do. Or how about watching some erotic films together? Give it a go, you might surprise yourself. 

11. Tease each other with some dirty talk

Something else which you might like to try is dirty talk. Dirty talk can be a major turn-on. While some people are uncomfortable with it, saying how you feel and what you want to be done or what you want to do in a sexy and suggestive way can be a powerful way to increase arousal. 

12. Listen to a sexy story 

And of course, we can’t wrap up this list of foreplay ideas without mentioning audio erotica. Listening to erotic stories together can be a powerful way to increase your libido and get in the mood for some sexy, sexy loving! Emjoy has over 400 sexy stories to get you and your partner in the mood, so check them out and get your sexy on! 

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