What is Audio Erotica?


The Emjoy Team

December 29, 2020
What is Audio Erotica?
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Most of us are familiar with erotica—literature or another art form based on sexuality or the human sexual experience, with the intent to create arousal or excitement. Or as many of us know it as, those books with a half-naked Fabio on the cover that your mom read, which you’d steal and sneak peeks at excitedly when she wasn’t looking. But the last few years has brought an emergence of a new kind of erotica: audio erotica. And it’s more than Fabio rasping the plot of Warrior’s Woman into your ear—though sexy whispering can definitely be a part of it. So let’s dive into exactly what audio erotica is and explore this new frontier of women’s sexual wellness.

Intimate wellness through sexy short stories

Here at Emjoy, our goal is to improve your self-care practices and self-esteem by providing passionate stories that help you gain confidence, tune into your body’s wants and needs and boost your desire.

And that’s exactly what audio erotica is designed to do.

Audio erotica consists of short, focused stories that you listen to: some with a storytelling or fantasy component; others designed to get you started on exploring your sexuality and your self-care journey. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between audio erotica and visual erotica is the meditative quality: listening to sexy stories requires the listeners’ focused attention, sometimes with instructional elements built in—like if Calm became Aroused.

Benefits of audio erotica vs. visual erotica

Here are some benefits you’ll find with audio erotica that you won’t get with the visual or written version:

  • Allows you (alone or with others) to participate in sexual activity and not just watch it on a screen
  • Provides a safe, private space to explore
  • Safe to enjoy in public
  • Allows for your imagination to run wild
  • Accessible for the blind and visually impaired
  • Lets you customize it to your own needs and mental frameworks
  • No comparing yourself to others and wondering if you measure up 
listening to audio erotica has many benefits

What’s the difference between audio erotica and porn? 

Though many use the terms interchangeably, there’s a difference between erotica and pornography. 

With porn, the goal is to depict sexually graphic scenes with the sole purpose of sexual arousal, or getting off. Erotica, though also sexual, is more sensual and exploratory and contains elements of storytelling. It’s a form of artistic expression with the goal of portraying the full experience of human sexuality: its true drives, desires, and pleasures.

Besides that, pornography has many negative aspects that erotica doesn’t. Though one could argue it has improved in recent years and expanded to become more inclusive, pornography is very limited in scope and perspective—with men’s needs and desires typically at the forefront, dominating the narrative, and women in compromising or submissive positions. This reflects the power imbalance that mimics society: men’s needs come first, with women and non-binary folks’ needs relegated to the background.

And above all, traditional visual pornography just isn’t for everyone. Some people just don’t like watching others engage in sexual activity. For others, what’s in their head doesn’t match what’s on screen. 

For example, have you ever felt dissatisfied when browsing PornHub videos (or another free porn site) and not finding what you’re looking for? Or maybe you don’t even know exactly what you’re looking for, but you know it’s not this? 

That’s where audio erotica comes in handy (pun intended). 

Unlike traditional (visual) pornography where what you see is what you get, with audio erotica you have the freedom to visualize. You can use your imagination to create the ideal scene in your mind—what turns you on, not what the producers think will turn you on. 

You can assume the persona of whichever character you’d like, and adjust the setting to suit your liking. Because there’s no visual input, you’re free to make up your own. 


Now that you know a bit more about audio erotica and how it can work for you, we encourage you to try it out! Download the Emjoy app and begin your aural arousal journey today!

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