How to Send Nudes Safely


The Emjoy Team

July 23, 2019
How to Send Nudes Safely
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“Send nudes.” We’ve all gotten that text, and maybe sometimes we roll our eyes, and other times we’re super into shooting over a sexy pic to someone. Sending nudes can make us feel powerful, sexy, and it’s a great way to explore body positivity. But how do we keep our saucy snaps to ourselves? And how can we make sure our boudoir photos stay in the bedroom? Find out how to sends nudes safely in Emjoy's ultimate guide.

Rule number one: Make sure your sext is consensual, and that you trust the receiver! 

Snapchat Nudes

We definitely don’t want our sexy selfies floating around on the internet. And just because you delete the photos on your end, that doesn’t mean they can’t be permanently stored somewhere else. So what applications can be used once we’re ready to send the perfect sexy pose? Facebook Messenger is not the place for your after-hours sexting, but if you must, you can enable encryption by using the feature called Secret Conversation. Try using apps like Instagram or Snapchat where you will be notified in case someone does try to save your photo without your permission. WhatsApp and Signal have end-to-end encryption but you have less control over what happens on the other side once your naked pics have been sent. Signal will also notify you if your photo has been screenshot, and if you have an Android device, screen shooting is automatically disabled on the app, but that’s unfortunately not the case for iPhone users.

Protecting Your Nudes

Protecting Your Nudes

Look, there’s no completely safe way to send nudes to someone. We are in the internet age and sending something X rated to our partners is always a little risky. People can mishandle our private information even when we trust them. It’s not unheard of for people to share people's nudes, unfortunately. However, for the most security, there’s always a few tips and tricks to give you a little peace of mind: 

  1. Use a different email address for your private messaging and don’t mix your public with your private accounts. This way if your nudes are mishandled, it will be difficult to trace them back to your professional profiles. 
  2. Another tip is to keep your face out of the photos.
  3. And make sure to cover any tattoos or birthmarks that might be easily identifiable. 
  4. Wear lingerie to make you more sexy but still cover some body parts.

Turn Off Your Location and Automatic Uploads

When you take that sexy pic and your location services are on, the photos are encrypted with your location information -  so any naughty photos can be traced back to your IP address (which is like the fingerprint of your phone). If you have an iPhone or an Android, whenever you take a picture your phone will automatically upload that photo to your cloud. This means that if any of your accounts linked to your cloud get hacked, someone has access to all of your photos - including your nudes. To solve this, you can choose to only upload selected photos to the cloud or better yet, don’t use the cloud at all and instead invest in an external hard-drive, where you can store everything without fear of being hacked since they’re not connected to the internet.

Use a Password

LastPass or 1Password can help you to manage complex passwords for everything you use - instead of having the same password for all of your accounts. This makes it much harder to hack you - you’d be surprised just how many people have the same password for their Facebook account as they do for their bank.

Go Incognito 

Incognito mode is only more private because it doesn’t visually save your history when you browse - but this doesn’t mean that Google or other search engines don’t store information about what you search. Try using the app Tor for totally encrypted, private use. Photo Vault will let you store your nudes in the app and removes them automatically from your photos feed on your phone, or you can set your sexy pics to private if you have an iPhone so you can scroll in front of others without fear of your nudes popping up unexpectedly.

Know Your Rights

If your nudes are shared without your permission or end up online visit Cyber Civil Rights Initiative for more information on how to take action. You can find attorneys to contact, advice on how to remove sensitive images and information posted without your permission, and other victim resources.

We hope these tips on how to send nudes safely have been helpful to you. If you're interested in the the boundaries between sex and technology, don't miss How to Sext (and Not Cringe).

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