How to Give and Receive the Perfect Sensual Massage


The Emjoy Team

June 2, 2021
How to Give and Receive the Perfect Sensual Massage
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Who doesn't love a great massage? There’s nothing better than stripping down after a long day and letting someone knead and rub your muscles until you feel as loose and limber as a bowl of jelly. Ahhh, bliss. 

And it’s even better getting (or giving) a massage from our partner. There’s a reason that physical touch is one of the 5 love languages. The sensation of touching sends a message to our brain that releases endorphins, which makes us feel warm and fuzzy and strengthens our sense of connection – all without saying a word!

Massages are great for improving nonverbal communication as a couple: it strengthens our confidence, breaks the sense of monotony (especially common to long-term relationships), and awakens sensations within us that bring us closer to achieving those intense orgasms. Ohhh, baby! 

Here are some tips for both giving and receiving the perfect sensual massage that’ll make you feel closer and more connected than ever before.

Create a relaxed atmosphere

Your environment is everything when it comes to setting the mood for the perfect massage, so make sure it’s as relaxed as possible. To create the ideal ambiance and awaken the senses, set the stage: dim the lighting, choose your favorite sexy scents, and select your music playlist in advance — taking care to select music you both find relaxing and enjoyable. 

You may also want to turn up the heat — literally. Since you’re stripping down to your barest selves, you’ll want to be as comfortable without clothing as possible, which may mean turning up the thermostat a bit. Don’t let a cold room chill the mood! 

Finally, make sure you have a comfortable place to lay down where you can massage each other without having to reach or bend too much. And whether it’s the couch, table, or the floor, make sure you place a sheet or towel underneath to catch any oil or lotion spills. 

Speaking of oils...

Use oils as the perfect massage complement 

Use oils as the perfect massage complement 

Sure you can go without it, but oil (or lotion) is a must for the ultimate in slippery, sensual stimulation via massage. Using oil helps your muscles relax and loosen up and makes it easier for your hands to glide across each other’s bodies with ease. It also adds that lovely warming sensation, which is definitely arousing!

To make things more fun, try a lickable massage oil. From the typical strawberry flavor to dulce de leche, you’re sure to find one for you. For suggestions, check out this slideshow of the best edible massage oils.

Mark your erogenous zones 

When you’re the one receiving the massage, we recommend marking your focus points and sensitive areas — or erogenous zones — with a dab of lotion or oil. (If you’re not sure what your erogenous zones are, check out the session on them in the Emjoy app.) Focusing on erogenous zones helps increase our partner’s sexual arousal as much as possible.

Marking your body with oil indicates to your partner where they should apply extra care and pressure as they move across your body. Which brings us to our next point...

Use a slow, steady application process

Use a slow, steady application process

When massaging, slower is better so take your time and don’t rush. Start with the toes and move continuously in one direction, body part by body part, focusing on each part separately as you move. 

Use gentle pressure — this isn’t a medical massage with your local practitioner, so keep it light and sexy. As you progress, check in with your partner on the level of pressure they’re comfortable with, adjusting as needed. And be sure to take note of where your partner most enjoys your touch and focus your attention there.

If you want to be creative, stroke with your hands until a certain point and then use your lips, tongue or even your feet — always maintaining a delicate touch. 

Above all, it’s important to stay mindfully present throughout the massage — notice each touch and sensation, and don’t jump right to the sweet spots. Taking your time and enjoying the process is part of what makes massages so incredibly arousing. Rawr! 

For more tips on how to give the perfect massage, download the Emjoy app and check out the massage sessions in the Relationship and Pleasure Collections.

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