How Sexy Stories Can Increase Your Libido


The Emjoy Team

June 15, 2022
How Sexy Stories Can Increase Your Libido
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Why do I never want to have sex? Do I have a low sex drive? Why can’t I get into the mood? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to deal with a low desire. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. Low libido is the most common sexual complaint amongst women. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase your sex drive. No, we’re not talking about female viagra or aphrodisiacs, today we’re going to explore how sexy stories can increase your libido.

An introduction to erotica

Before we discover how sexy stories can benefit our sex lives, let’s learn more about what erotica is. 

Erotica is any type of art that’s created to incite sexual thoughts or arousal. You may be thinking “Isn’t that the same as porn?”. While ‘erotica’ and ‘pornography’ are often used interchangeably, there is a difference. While the purpose of porn is to depict sexually graphic scenes to arouse you, erotica is more sensual and exploratory and contains elements of storytelling. In other words, erotica is art that has a sexual aspect, while porn only exists to excite you sexually, without much art to offer.

audio erotica

Erotica comes in many forms including fiction (from short stories to novels), non-fiction essays and true life stories, romance novels, fan fiction, as well as web content and e-books. But here at Emjoy, our favorite form has to be audio erotica

What’s so great about audio erotica? 

Okay, maybe we’re biased, Emjoy is an audio app after all, but we think audio erotica offers many advantages. First of all, sexy audio stories allow you to actively participate. Instead of passively watching what’s on screen, you have the freedom to visualize and create the ideal scene in your mind. Got a thing for girls with curly hair? Imagine that. Melt at the thought of guys with loads of tats? You’re in control of how your characters look with audio stories.

Second, listening to erotic stories is very discreet. Long journey ahead? Pop in your earphones and let your imagination run wild. With audio stories you’re in no danger of curious strangers finding out about your reading habits. Unless you want to tell them of course. 

Of course, you could always read sensual stories, but the sexy sound effects in audio erotica really bring it to life. Oh, and did we mention that sexy audio stories allow both hands to be free! We’ll let you decide what to do with that information… 

So, how can sexy stories boost your sex drive?

According to a 2016 study, consuming erotic fiction and self-help books over a time period of six weeks helped the female participants to make statistically significant gains when it came to sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, satisfaction, orgasms, pain reduction and overall sexual functioning. 

It seems that regularly taking time out of your routine to turn your attention to the erotic goes a long way to arousing your mind, igniting desire and putting you in the mood for sex. And it makes sense, right? If you’re otherwise preoccupied by chores, childcare, work and other stressors, you’re unlikely to feel like having sex. Taking some time out of your daily routine to focus on the erotic gives you the chance to tune into your body’s needs and desires and get into the mood.

Young woman listening to sexy stories with headphones

What’s more, sexy stories give you a safe way to discover new fetishes and techniques and explore your most secret fantasies. You may be inspired to act them out in real life, or maybe not, but in any case you’ll gain more knowledge about your likes and dislikes, which can give you a lot more confidence in the bedroom

Phew! Who would have thought something as simple as erotic stories could have such an impact on your libido and overall sexual wellbeing!? Now, we’re not saying that reading or listening to sexy stories will miraculously increase your libido. Low desire can have a number of causes including stress, relationship conflict, mental health disorders and much more, so the solutions will look different for everyone. However, if you regularly arouse your mind, you might just find your desire increases. 

Get started with Emjoy’s sexy stories

So, now we’ve seen how sexy stories can increase your libido, how can you make it a part of your self-care routine? At Emjoy, we’ve made it easy for you. With over 300 erotic audio stories, our sexual wellbeing app has stories for every taste. And with new content released every week, you’ll never be in short supply of some sexy food for thought. 

Here’s a little taster of the kinds of stories you can expect to find at Emjoy:

Tatted Up

Just me and Nate in the shop this Sunday. I’ve been tattooing him for a while, so he gets special treatment. Plus he’s cute. Maybe today is the day we finally get that drink we always talk about, and then some… 

tatted up audio story
Listen here


The San Francisco parade is always something I look forward to. I’m surrounded by so many beautiful people, but there’s one girl who specifically catches my eye…

two young women at Pride event
Listen here

Bonding Collection

What’s your wildest dream or fantasy? Wanna make it a reality? Then you need to come to one of our parties. Everything’s possible there…

Listen here

More Ways to Increase Your Libido

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