10 Hot Ideas for Breast Play and Nipplegasms


The Emjoy Team

April 20, 2022
10 Hot Ideas for Breast Play and Nipplegasms
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Time to get the girls out, it’s time for some breast play! Whether caressing, massaging or sucking the breasts and nipples during sex, breast play is a fantastic (and often overlooked) way to increase your sexual pleasure. 

When we think of female pleasure, we often focus our attention on the clitoris and the G-zone, but there are so many more erogenous zones to explore. The breasts and nipples are an especially fun area to stimulate because they have thousands of nerve endings

In fact, up to 25% of women report having had an orgasm just through stimulation of their nipples alone. While some women say nipple orgasms feel like the pelvic sensation they get during vaginal orgasms, others describe it as a totally unique feeling that fills their whole bodies..(source 

have you ever experienced a nipplegasm?

How can that be? Well, research shows that touching a woman’s nipples activates the sensory cortex, the same region of the brain that activates when we stimulate the clitoris, vulva or vagina. So in theory, it should be possible for all women to experience pleasure from nipple play

That’s not to say that in practice we’ll all experience a nipple orgasm (or nipplegasm for short), or even find breast play enjoyable. No two bodies are the same and breast sensitivity varies from person to person . Sensitivity can also change with women’s menstrual cycles, pregnancy, lactation and menopause, which may make touching the breasts uncomfortable or even painful. On the other hand, women might find their sensitivity heightened in these periods and really enjoy having their boobs touched. As we said before, we’re all different.

So don’t worry if the nipplegasm eludes you, especially when you’re just getting started. Practicing new sex techniques takes time and patience after all. But whether breast play results in a nipplegasm for you or not, you can certainly have a LOT of fun exploring this erogenous zone. 

Here are 10 ideas to start your breast play exploration:


Practise touching yourself first

While breast play is definitely something we recommend exploring with a partner, it’s generally a good idea to practise new techniques on your own first. This will give you the time and space you need to experiment to find out what you like and dislike without any external pressures. Plus, once you’ve found what you enjoy, you’ll be in a better position to guide your partner to touch you in all the right ways.

To get started, you might find it helpful to listen to Emjoy’s guided masturbation session Breast and Nipple Play. You’ll be guided step by step through a wide range of techniques that might just help you activate pleasure regions you never knew you had before… 

Save the best till last

By far the most sensitive part of the breasts is the nipples. That’s why we recommend saving this area for last. Think about it: by avoiding the nipples at first and instead teasing the breasts by licking, caressing, massaging, kissing and sucking them, you’ll build up so much sexual tension. By the time you do touch your nipples you’ll be burning with desire. 

Use your hands

Alternate between using the palms, full hands, fingertips and even just fingernails to create a varied and erotic pleasure sensation. You can use circular movements around the whole breast, and work your way closer to areolas and nipples, remembering to save this sensitive hotspot until the end. You can also use your hands to stroke and caress underneath the breasts and the sides of the breasts, as well as introducing some pressure by squeezing the breasts, starting from bottom to top and from the sides to the center. You can also pinch the nipples, experiment with different pressures and observe what arouses you or your partner most. 

Don’t forget the mouth

Kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling and for some people even biting the breasts can all be intensely pleasurable. Try it out with a partner! Who knows, you might find the fluttering of a tongue on your nipples is precisely what gives you the big O. If you’re having a solo session, suction sex toys that simulate oral sex work fantastically on nipples. You might also be interested in using a nipple-specific toy like nipple suckers which create sucking pressure around the nipple and areola, mimicking the feeling of a mouth. 

communication is vital for breast play

Start gentle and communicate

Squeezing and twisting the nipples right off the bat is generally a no-go. As with any sexual activity, communication with your partner is the key to a pleasurable experience for everyone. If you don’t know what they like, ask them. Or even better, ask them to show you. Aside from it being incredibly hot to watch your partner pleasuring themself, you’ll get a good idea of what types of movements and pressures they enjoy. 

Experiment with toys and accessories

Sex toys aren’t just for your genitals. Tracing a vibrator around your breasts and using it to tease your nipples is a great way to spice things up whether partnered or alone). And you don’t need to splash out on expensive toys. Using a feather tickler or a silk tie or scarf is a fantastic way to experience the delights of a super light touch. Or why not blindfold your partner while you touch their breasts with different toys or materials you already have at hand. Not knowing what’s coming next will drive them wild! And adding massage oil or lube into the mix will help your hands really slide around on the breasts and can go a long way to heightening your pleasure! You could even use a flavored lube to give your partner a tasty treat.

Play with temperature

The surprise of feeling something hot or cold on your body, especially sensitive areas like the nipples, increases blood flow and heart rate. To play with cold, rub an ice cube on your nipples or ask your partner to pop an ice cube into their mouth and use it to draw circles around your areola. You could even put a spoonful of your partner’s favorite ice cream on your breasts and let them slowly suck it off. Just don’t overdo it! If your nipples start to go numb, give them a break and let them return to room temperature. 

To play with warmth, your partner could take a sip of a hot drink before sucking on your nipples. Or what about rubbing a warm massage oil on them? Have fun experimenting and discover what you like.

Spice it up with nipple clamps

The idea of nipple clamps may seem intimidating, but they’re nothing to be afraid of. They’re just another tool to increase sensation in the nipples. They work by cutting off circulation to the nipples and when you take them off, the rush of blood creates a wave of pleasure. You can of course make it kinky and use them as part of consensual BDSM pain play, but they don’t have to be painful. You can buy adjustable nipple clamps so you can control the pressure. Just make sure not to wear them for longer than 10 minutes and always have at least a 5 minute break afterwards. Your nips are sensitive after all! 

Show your ladies off with some sexy accessories

You know that feeling you get when you wear a new sexy outfit and you feel you can take on the world? Your boobs can feel the same. Plus, feeling confident about your breasts can increase your sexual arousal and pleasure, so dress them up and get ready to feel like the sex queen that you are. You could try some playful nipple pasties, accentuate them in a sexy harness or wear gorgeous lingerie that makes you feel like a million dollars. Why not try a bra with open cups to show off your beauties, or wear a fabric like satin or silk to tantalize your skin? 

combine breast play with other types of stimulation

Combine breast play other types of stimulation

You may find that adding clitoral, G-zone or anal stimulation into the mix, heightens your pleasure even further and helps you to achieve a blended orgasm. Alternatively, you may prefer to keep breast play for foreplay and move on to other activities once you're feeling aroused. 

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to orgasm. So don’t be scared to try out different techniques and ideas. Half the fun is experimenting! 

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