How to Squirt: A Beginner's Guide


The Emjoy Team

August 10, 2022
How to Squirt: A Beginner's Guide
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You’ve probably seen videos of porn stars squirting copious amount of liquid when they’re having sex in a way that seems, well, a little unrealistic. It may have you wondering if squirting is actually real and how it happens. So read on to discover what it is, where it comes from and how to squirt

What is squirting?

In short, squirting is a lot of fun and can give you a lot of pleasure. While it can come just before, after or during an orgasm, squirting isn’t an orgasm in itself, but it does feel hella good! 

More technically, squirting is the release of a light or transparent liquid which comes from the bladder when you’re sexually stimulated. We know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t that pee then?”. Well no actually, it’s not. Even though squirt comes from the bladder, it’s composed of glucose, fructose and only trace amounts of urine. Plus, it doesn’t have the same color or smell of urine. It’s also not the same as female ejaculation.

Can all women squirt?

If you believe what’s shown in mainstream porn, you might think that most women regularly have a Niagra-Falls situation on their hands after only a minimal amount of stimulation. But squirting isn’t as common as you might think, and most women haven’t experienced it.

most women haven't experienced squirting

Having said that, practically all women have the ability to squirt. For some it comes as a total surprise and happens when they aren’t trying to squirt at all. But it’s also normal to find you need some practice to do it.

So if you want to learn how to squirt, read on!

How to squirt

1. Gather your equipment

Lay a towel underneath yourself to protect your bed sheets from any fluids you might release – the aim of the game is to squirt after all. Grab some lube (this will make everything a whole lot more comfortable and pleasurable) as well as any sex toys you want to use. 

You might also want to gather some cushions or pillows. You can use these to prop yourself up, place them under your lower back to relax your pelvis, or put them under your legs. Whichever position you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed with opened legs. 

2. Create a relaxing atmosphere

There are a few different ways to squirt, but each technique has one thing in common: you have to be super relaxed, turned on and present

To really relax, we recommend trying squirting when you’re alone, somewhere comfortable where you’ll be undisturbed and unhurried. This way you won’t feel under any performance pressure and can really relax and enjoy the experience. 

Take the time to create a good vibe and get in the mood. This will look different for everyone and could include lighting some candles, listening to some erotic audio stories, and thinking of some sexual fantasies or memory that turns you on. After all, your brain is your biggest sexual organ!

creating a relaxing atmosphere is important to squirt

And before you start touching yourself, take some deep breaths in and out. Repeat this a couple of times until your mind and body start to relax. This will ground you and help you to focus on the here and now. 

3. Build arousal

Once you’re feeling relaxed, think of something that turns you on and start to stroke and caress your body in the areas that arouse you. This will be different for everyone. Some of the most common erogenous zones include but are not limited to: the scalp, ears, neck, areola and nipples, lower abdomen, inner thighs, and of course, the clit. Let your hands travel to the areas that give you pleasure and let those feelings grow. 

When you feel your pleasure building, if you haven’t already, turn your attention to the vulva. Masturbate how you usually do, either with a toy or your finger(s), perhaps stroking up and down the vulva or using circular motions passing over the vaginal entrance. Notice what feels arousing and focus your attention there. You can also directly stimulate the clitoris if you like, but don’t climax yet, just let your pleasure grow. 

4. It’s G-zone time!

While some women can squirt from clitoral stimulation, stimulation of the G-zone is almost always necessary for squirting. For some people, it might be easier to squirt with dual stimulation so feel free to stimulate your clit at the same time as your G-zone. 

G-zone stimulation is normally necessary for squirting

In either case, once you’re really aroused, insert your sex toy or finger(s) into your vagina, (remembering to use lube for the best sensation!). Experiment with different techniques and angles, using a “come here” motion, either by tapping or by pumping your fingers or sex toy in and out. Spend some time exploring and finding what feels good. As you get more and more turned on, push your pelvis forward and squeeze your butt cheeks. This will increase your pleasure. 

Keep stimulating yourself in the way that works best for you and as your pleasure increases, maintain the same intensity and speed.

5. Don’t worry about peeing yourself

Soon you’ll start to feel an increase of sensitivity and you’ll notice that you feel like peeing, but don’t stop. This peeing sensation is normal. This happens because your body uses the same muscles to squirt as when you pee. If this sensation hasn’t started yet, you might want to try a more intense speed or a different length.

Stay relaxed, enjoy yourself and take your time. When you feel like you’re going to pee, just let go, relax into it, and breathe…you’re close to squirting! 

When you squirt, you’ll feel the liquid coming out, but don’t believe everything you see in porn, you won’t flood the bed!

6. Don’t worry about a specific outcome

Whether you squirt or not, it’s okay. When you try something new it’s normal that it might take some practice, but you’ll get it! Take as much time as you need, and remember that dedicating time to discovering your body is so worthwhile. It can be a lot of fun too! 

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