What You Should Know About Period Sex


The Emjoy Team

March 15, 2023
What You Should Know About Period Sex
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“I can’t, I’m on my period.” is not only an age old excuse, but an age old myth. There’s nothing wrong with period sex and it’s actually very beneficial. So read on to discover the ins and outs of sex on your period as well as 5 tips for mess-free fun.

Let’s start with some of the benefits…

The benefits of period sex

Your sexual desire changes with your menstrual cycle and while some people have zero sex drive during their period, others experience an increase in libido. Scientists still aren’t sure exactly why this is, but it’s been suggested that rising testosterone levels during menstruation could be responsible. 

Your arousal might also increase because the vaginal area is warmer and more sensitive to contact due to decreased estrogen levels. On top of that, blood acts as a natural lubricant for a more comfortable and potentially more enjoyable experience.  This can contribute to more intense and pleasurable sex during your period. Something that’s always welcome, right? 

having sex during your period has all kinds of benefits

And let’s not forget that orgasms have a ton of health benefits, such as being natural pain relievers. This is because the contractions that are generated during the climax, as well as the endorphins released, can help reduce menstrual pain and even headaches. What’s more when the uterus contracts from the orgasm, more blood is released from the lining, which can help to shorten the length of your period. Yay! 

Having said that, we’re all different and if you experience a lot of pain and discomfort during your period, sex may be the last thing on your mind. So always remember to respect your body. You’re in control and it’s up to you whether or not you have sex during your period.

What if you’re experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort?

If you want to have sex, but feel in pain, don’t underestimate the power of a hot water bottle on your lower back or belly to relieve cramping, as well as rest and taking an appropriately dosed painkiller if needed. CBD can also be comforting when applied as a balm to relax aching muscles and even via tampons with a CBD coating! And with Daye  you don’t even have to leave the house for them.  Check out their full range of products that you can get delivered conveniently to your door for those days when your period is cramping your style.

Just remember not to practice penetrative sex whilst wearing a tampon, as it’s easy to push it too far in potentially causing it to become stuck. Not only can this be unpleasant, (and let’s be honest, a little scary) it can also contribute to the growth of bacteria. So keep tampons for non-penetrative sex. 

it's understandable if pain puts you off having period sex

Isn’t period sex kinda gross?

Period sex has been traditionally thought of as taboo, but in reality it’s perfectly normal, natural and safe, in all its forms. There’s no shame engaging in period sex, so long as both consenting partners are comfortable and happy when doing so.

That said, some people don’t like to come into contact with menstrual blood, and that’s okay too. In this case you can masturbate by externally stimulating your clitoris while wearing a menstrual cup, tampon, or whatever form of period protection you prefer. There are also plenty of ways to explore your body and experience self-pleasure without touching your genitals. Try exploring your breasts and engaging with nipple play, or, simply let your hands and mind wander to help familiarize yourself with all of your erogenous zones. Sometimes, self-pleasure can simply mean giving your body the time, attention, and release it deserves - even if this isn’t an orgasm. 

Ultimately, the most important aspect to take into account is whether you want to have sex during menstruation or not. Some people enjoy period sex. Others don’t. Both options are totally valid. Because of this, you should feel empowered to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about each other’s preferences. This way you can reach a mutual decision that you both understand and are comfortable with. It’s crucial that you feel safe and confident during sex, always, no matter the stage of your menstrual cycle.  

With that said, it’s time to share our five tips for mess-free, enjoyable period sex.

towels help to keep period sex mess-free

1. Use towels

Whether or not you’re a fan of free bleeding during your period, you might find you can relax and enjoy the moment more if you know your sheets are protected from blood stains. A quick and easy way to do this is to lay a towel under you before you have sex. That way you can just pop the towel in the washing machine afterwards and enjoy sex without preoccupations.  

2. Have shower sex

Another mess-free way to have period sex is to switch it up by getting it on in the shower. The logistics of this can sometimes be harder than it seems, so make sure to check out these ten hot tips for steamy shower sex.

ever given shower sex a go?

3. Try a period sponge…

A method once used by the Ancient Egyptians, period sponges are becoming popular again. A period sponge is, well, a sponge which can be a natural sea sponge or a synthetic one, that you insert into the vagina to absorb menstrual blood. Highly absorbent and reusable, menstrual sponges can give you a comfortable and mess-free way to enjoy period sex. 

4. Or a menstrual disc

Unlike cone-shaped menstrual cups or tube-shaped tampons which both sit in the vaginal canal, menstrual discs are flat and situated at the base of the cervix. That means that there’s space for intercourse, while the disc collects the menstrual blood at the same time. Neat, right? Just remember that the menstrual disc isn’t a form of contraception and you can still get pregnant on your period. So if you don’t want to get pregnant (or any nasty STIs) make sure to use a reliable form of contraception. 

try non-penetrative sex

5. Explore non-penetrative sex

For many people, sex is synonymous with penis-in-vagina penetration but the truth is that there’s a whole universe of sexual activities to explore that don’t involve penetration of any type, whether that’s with a finger, a penis or a toy. So if you’d like to have period sex without penetration, get inspired by these non-penetrative sex ideas.

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