What are Erogenous Zones?


The Emjoy Team

February 8, 2023
What are Erogenous Zones?
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Despite there being a ton of articles about erogenous zones out there, there’s still a lot of confusion about what these pleasure hot spots are all about. So keep reading to understand exactly what erogenous zones are, where you can find them, and whether or not they’re the same for everyone.  

What are erogenous zones?

So, first things first, what are erogenous zones? Erogenous zones are basically areas of the body that have a large number of nerve endings and respond easily to sexual stimuli. This means that if we stimulate the area in a sexual or erotic way, we might feel a tingling, pleasure or sexual excitement. 

It’s important to underline the sexual or erotic aspect of this, because if you’re touched in an erogenous zone but in a non-sexual context, like in a crowded subway, you won’t be excited. In fact, it’s more likely to make you irritated, angry, vulnerable or even violated. 

context, person and consent are key when it comes to erogenous zones

The same goes for being touched by someone you don’t want to get intimate with. If you’ve got the hots for them, it’ll probably feel great, but if you’re not into them, it’s unlikely to give you any sexual excitement. 

All of this to say that the context, person and importantly, consent, are key factors determining whether or not you become aroused when your erogenous zones are stimulated. 

And in case you were wondering, yes, it’s possible to reach orgasm when you stimulate the erogenous zones, even those that aren’t in the genital region. That’s because orgasm is often a mental rather than a physical experience. So if stimulating a particular erogenous zone is very exciting for you, you can totally climax! 

Besides, if you want to better stimulate your erogenous zones, the erotic online store ONY offers sex toys to use alone or as a couple.

stimulation of erogenous zones can lead to climax

Different types of erogenous zones

The second thing to know about erogenous zones is that there are two main types. There are the primary ones that correspond to the female and male genitals and the general or secondary ones that can be found in the rest of the body. 

Primary erogenous zones

In the case of the female body, the primary erogenous zones are the vagina and the clitoris, and in the male body it’s the glans or the head of the penis. These areas are considered primary erogenous zones because their stimulation can lead to orgasm more quickly. 

the vagina and clitoris are primary erogenous zones

Secondary erogenous zones

The secondary erogenous zones correspond to the rest of the genital organs. In female bodies that includes the vulva, inner and outer lips. In male bodies it includes the scrotum and foreskin. The secondary erogenous zones for both male and female bodies also include the lower abdomen, groin, anus and rectum along with the perineum, which is the area between the genitals and anus. On a general level, apart from the genitalia, other erogenous zones include the labia, nipples and breasts, scalp, neck, collarbone area and many more. 

It’s also important to bear in mind that the entirety of our skin can function as an erogenous zone and that eroticism also depends on the brain and its capacity to eroticize different stimuli.

the nipples and breasts are secondary erogenous zones

Does everyone have the same erogenous zones?

Now that you’re aware of the various erogenous zones, you may be wondering if they’re the same for everyone, and the answer to that question is a resounding no. Erogenous zones are very personal. Not everyone likes to have their ears caressed for example. In fact, we can ruin a moment of arousal by assuming we know where somebody likes to be touched and getting it wrong. We’re not mind readers so the best thing to do is to always ask. Plus, most people will be super happy that you’re taking an active interest in their pleasure. 

Learn more about erogenous zones with Emjoy

We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of erogenous zones. If you want to learn more, including how to locate and stimulate your erogenous zones, check out our audio collection on the topic created by Emjoy’s in-house sex therapist, Mia Sabat. Happy exploring! 

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