Non-Penetrative Sex Ideas for Women


The Emjoy Team

August 17, 2022
Non-Penetrative Sex Ideas for Women
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Do you experience pain during intercourse, can’t cum from penetration alone (psst, that’s most of us by the way!), don’t enjoy penetration, or just want to experience new ways to feel pleasure? Then we want to inspire you with these 5 non-penetrative sex ideas for female orgasm you can enjoy alone or with a partner

1. Manual Stimulation

Your bean. The magic button. Your Pleasure Powerhouse. Whatever you call it, touching the clitoris is an effective and reliable route to orgasm for many women. Unfortunately, most women don’t receive clitoral stimulation from penetration only. In fact, it’s estimated that around 75% of women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone

sex doesn't have to be penetrative to be good

Manual stimulation of the clit, using just your hands or finger(s) and a generous amount of lube is a much more direct route to female orgasm for many women. And there are tons of techniques to spice up your fingering repertoire. If you normally use circular motions, why not try zig-zags or up-and-down movements? Or if you usually rub, why not tap your clit? Or how about using your whole hand to send waves of pleasure around your entire vulva? You can also gently squeeze your clit between your thumb and index finger and move the skin of your clitoral hood up and down – kind of like a mini hand job for your clit. The possibilities (and orgasms) are endless!

2. Oral sex

Oral sex is often thought of as just a way to build arousal before penetration, but oral stimulation can be the main orgasmic event! And because it can stimulate the clit directly, many women find they cum more quickly and more intensely than from penetrative sex. 

Every woman is different and will enjoy different intensities and techniques. You might enjoy licking, sucking, or nibbling on the clit, vulva, and/ or entrance to the vagina. So experiment and find what gives you pleasure

oral sex can be the main event

While you might be thinking that you can only enjoy oral sex with a partner (and it sure can be a great source of mutual pleasure in the 69 sex position), you can also enjoy the feeling of oral sex when masturbating because nowadays you can get clit-sucking sex toys that mimic the feeling of a mouth. Sound dreamy? Find out more in The Best Sex Toy For You: A Complete Guide.

3. Showergasm

This non-penetrative sex idea is perfect for a steamy solo session that will leave you both super wet and squeaky clean. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sit, stand, or lie down and bring the detachable shower head close to your body. 
  2. Move your hands down, and find your vulva. Allow the water to pass through your outer lips and play with different water pressures. When you find something you enjoy, stay there for a while. 
  3. Little by little, with your free hand, open your outer lips, leaving your clit a little exposed, and explore how it feels to stimulate this area. 
  4. Move the shower-head in circular motions, from the top to the bottom of your vulva. 
  5. If you find something that feels good, keep doing it sister and enjoy the delights of the showergasm! 

4. Breast & Nipple Play

Did you know that up to 25% of women report having had an orgasm just through stimulation of their nipples alone? 

breast and nipple play is a good alternative to non-penetrative sex

By far the most sensitive part of the breasts, the nipples are an often-neglected erogenous zone, which is a shame because breast and nipple play is a fantastic way to increase your sexual pleasure. We’ve written an entire article with 10 Hot Ideas for Breast Play and Nipplegasms which we highly recommend you read, but for now, let’s summarize by saying it’s best to start by softly caressing the breasts and saving the nipples for last. This really builds up the sexual tension and when you eventually stimulate the nipples, they’ll feel amazing!

5. Mutual masturbation

Masturbation is a form of self-care with so many health benefits. It can reduce stress, improve your sleep, relieve pain, improve your mood, boost your sex drive, help you learn more about your body, and give you the best orgasms to name just a few of its magic powers. 

And masturbation doesn’t need to be a solo activity. Masturbating in front of a partner shows them exactly where and how you like to be touched, which can ultimately lead to better sex in the future. Plus, the act of watching each other masturbate can be incredibly arousing itself. 

mutual masturbation is a great way to be intimate with your partner

You can also watch yourself masturbate in a mirror. Not only will you be able to see how your vulva changes as you get excited, it can be super hot! 

Learn more about non-penetrative sex with Emjoy

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by our non-penetrative sex ideas, but remember, this is just the beginning. There are endless ways to enjoy pleasure. Find out more with the Emjoy app and start working on your sexual wellbeing journey today. 

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