Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles, Couples, and the Socially Distanced


The Emjoy Team

February 8, 2021
Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles, Couples, and the Socially Distanced
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With several countries still on lockdown or under curfew due to the coronavirus pandemic, Valentine’s Day may look different this year. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be sexy and fun! 

Here are some creative ways you can enjoy Valentine’s Day, regardless of your relationship status or geographical location.

For singles 

Host a virtual meetup with your single friends

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and celebrate on Valentine’s Day. And what better way to do this than a meetup with your closest gal pals? You can come to it without an agenda and let the conversation flow naturally, or set a loose outline on what to discuss. 

For some guaranteed laughs, have each of your friends go around the virtual room and tell the story of their worst or most comically memorable dating experience. 

Write a love note to yourself

This may feel awkward at first, but just think of it as a longer list of personal affirmations. If you have trouble getting started, first make a list of the qualities you like most about yourself and go from there –– it doesn’t have to be super sappy or swoony; the goal is to reinforce your self-worth and remind yourself of all your best qualities. Start with statements like, “I am great at” or “What I love about myself is…”

And if you’re really feeling stuck, you can always google “love letter template” and modify it accordingly. 😁

Send yourself flowers or gifts

Send yourself flowers

“During the next few days, I did what any normal girl would do –– I sent myself flowers and candy, just so he would see how desirable I case he didn’t already know.” 

  • Cher Horowitz, Clueless

You may not have a well-dressed man named Christian to impress, but you can still remind yourself how desirable you are with some beautiful flowers or delicious chocolates! 

Have a solo dance party 

There’s something about a solo dance sesh that really pumps a girl up and makes her feel wild and uninhibited. So go ahead, play your favorite jams and rock out with your sexy self!

Enjoy your favorite meals or treats

Many of us wait until we’re with a partner or group of friends to enjoy our favorite meal or treat. But today’s the perfect day to enjoy a delectable delight on your own, whether that’s meal delivery from your favorite restaurant or making yourself a yummy batch of Valentine’s Day cupcakes. 

Indulge in a spa day

How long has it been since you’ve given yourself a facial, or a good pedicure? Take time today to do the self-pampering you’ve been putting off. You’re worth it!

Pleasure yourself

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include this one on our list! What better way to express self-love than with a little self-exploration? Download the Emjoy app and explore a variety of sexy audio sessions, such as Explore Your Body and Pleasure Awareness.

For Couples Living Together 

Prepare a surprise gift to present to each other

Spending unlimited time together often creates a sense of monotony, so break that blah feeling and make something special for each other. This could be a handmade photo book, a favorite treat, or a poem. Just be sure to make it delightfully unexpected! 

Go out for dinner – at home 

Go out for dinner

You may not be able to go to a restaurant right now, but you can definitely recreate the experience at home!

Set the scene by creating a dining atmosphere, and then dress up (separately) as if you were going to a fancy restaurant. You can create the element of surprise by admiring how nice the other looks, just like a real date. Then, enjoy your favorite restaurant-style cuisine.

Experiment with food

Speaking of food, why not take it further and experiment with different tastes, textures, and flavors for your dessert? For a list of foods that get you in the mood, check out our article on aphrodisiacs by association.

Dance the night away

If you can’t go out to a dance club, create one of your own! Clear a space in your living area and select some tunes to groove to, or make it more formal and watch an instructional video on ballroom dancing. You could also download one of the increasingly popular dance apps that have surged in popularity during lockdowns and social distancing. 

Kick it old-school 

Sometimes some youthful fun is good for the soul. Do something nostalgic that conjures up fun memories: watch your favorite teen TV shows, play Nintendo, or make mac-n-cheese together. 

Read or listen to sexy stories

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take erotic indulgences to the next level and get you in the mood for some romance. Read some short erotica stories online together, or download the Emjoy app and listen to one of the many options available.

Experiment with role-play 

Try something new by acting out a sexual fantasy or character scenario. For information and ideas, see our article 8 Things to Know About Sexual Fantasy and Role-Play.

For Socially and Physically Distanced Couples 

Go on a video date 

Distanced couple

Since you can’t go on a real date, go on a virtual one! To make this different from a regular Zoom meeting or FaceTime, add the element of surprise. Before your date, send each other a letter or gift in the mail (see below) and open it while the other is watching. You could also eat your favorite meal together or have it delivered from your favorite restaurant.

Write and send an old-fashioned love letter

Bring back the lost art of letter-writing and send your partner a card or love note via the Pony Express. For bonus creativity points, use Valentine-themed stationery or even make your own!

Send a love package

You’ve heard of care packages, but how many people send love packages? (Answer: You, starting now.) It doesn't have to be fancy: just take a box and add a note, along with a few of your partner’s favorite things and perhaps some love trinkets. Throw in some heart-shaped confetti and you’re ready to go. Just be sure to send it far enough ahead of time so it gets there by V-Day. 

Record and send a digital audio file

Sometimes, when apart, we just miss hearing our partner’s voice. 

Along with a physical gift that expresses your love, consider sending a digital one in the form of an audio file. Using the voice memo option on your phone, record a verbal love letter, a poem, or a sexy story for your partner to listen to. For inspiration, read more about audio erotica or check out some of our stories in the app.


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