7 Benefits of Using Lube During Sex


The Emjoy Team

February 1, 2023
7 Benefits of Using Lube During Sex
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While you might think that lube is just for postmenopausal women or anal sex, using lubricant has a ton of benefits that everyone can benefit from. So get ready for a wet and wild ride as we explore the advantages of lube! 

A short history of lube

Before we discover the benefits of using lube during sex, let’s take a quick look back at the history of lubricant. 

While modern commercial lube wasn’t invented until the early 20th century, we know that people have been using lubricants to enhance their sexual experiences for over two thousand years. In fact, historians believe that the Ancient Greeks used olive oil as lube as far back as 350 BCE

Traveling east, people in Japan, Korea and China have also used natural lubricants for millenia. In this case it was carrageenan – a water-soluble, jelly-like and slippery substance derived from seaweed! During Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868), clove oil and even yams were used for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

carrageenan has been used as a lubricant for milenia

And of course, there’s one lube that all of our ancestors used – spit! Free and readily available, using spit for sex seems a no-brainer. Psst! As widespread as it might be though, using spit for lubrication isn’t very hygienic and isn’t super long-lasting, so commercial, modern day lubes are much better options.

If lube has been used for thousands of years, it must be pretty important. So what are the benefits of using lube?

Let’s start with the obvious:

#1 Lube combats vaginal dryness

While many people think that vaginal dryness only affects postmenopausal women, there are so many more factors that can cause dryness no matter a woman’s life stage. These include smoking, drinking alcohol, use of birth control pills or other medication, our menstrual cycles, pregnancy, breastfeeding and even intense exercise routines. 

As you can see, there are a wide range of reasons why you might feel your vagina isn’t lubricating enough, even though you’re in the mood for sex. This is where lube comes in super handy!  

lube can help you to have safer sex

#2 Sex with lube is safer sex

Lube moistens any area it’s applied to, which allows for skin and tissue to be stretched more safely and comfortably when inserting a toy a penis. It also reduces rubbing and friction, which is key to minimizing the risk of tearing the sensitive lining of the vaginal or anal cavity during penetrative sex. Not only can tearing cause bleeding and pain during sex, it can also increase the risk of STI transmission, so this is something we really want to avoid at all costs! 

Because they reduce friction, lubes also make condoms less likely to rip. Make sure to use water- or silicone-based lubricants with condoms though as oil-based ones can damage latex. 

#3 Increased pleasure

Think of lube like salt. Sure, you could eat your food without salt, but adding even just a tiny pinch of it definitely makes your food taste better. Just like adding salt to your food, using lube can really enhance your and your partner’s pleasure, by reducing friction, making sex both more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Using lube during sex can increase your pleasure

#4 New sensations

Both in partnered and solo sex, it’s easy to fall into a sexual rut. Lube can help you to break routine by offering you new and exciting sensations. And while sex may feel great using just your natural lubrication, lube can go a long way to heightening your pleasure.

There’s a whole world of lubes to explore including tingling, cooling and warming, making it a fantastic beginner-friendly way to explore sensation and temperature-play. You can also stimulate your other senses with different scents and flavors. Perfect for oral sex! 

#5 Enhanced foreplay

Lube is a fantastic way to spice up foreplay! There are so many things you can do with it, from applying it to the nipples to increase sensation during breast play, using it as a massage gel when giving a butt massage, or applying it to the clitoris for some killer feels! So whether you’re having intercourse, enjoying non-penetrative sex or adding novelty to your foreplay, lube is a wonderful addition. 

lubricant is a must for any type of butt play

#6 Lube is essential for anal sex!

Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating, making lube a must for butt-play and anal sex. Not only will it help you to avoid pain and discomfort, it’ll also make your experience a lot more pleasurable, which is what sex is about after all! To find out more about how to enjoy anal sex, check out Emjoy’s guide for beginners

#7 It’s perfect for quickies

Marathon sex sessions with lots of foreplay are amazing, but sometimes all you want (or have time for) is a good old quickie! But while you might feel super horny and can’t wait to jump someone’s bones, it can take a while for your body to catch up to your brain. This is the perfect time to crack open the lube for a hot sesh without the discomfort or pain of friction.  

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Clearly then, lube is truly for everyone, regardless of their life stage or sex. Not only can it enhance our sexual experiences, it can also make them safer and more comfortable. To learn more about lubricants, including the different types and the best one for you, check out Emjoy’s audio collection all about lube

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