International Female Orgasm Day


The Emjoy Team

August 8, 2019
International Female Orgasm Day
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Mark your calendar and forget about your plan to go to the gym tonight! It’s International Female Orgasm Day, y’all! Ohhhh yes!

Did you wake up all excited and tingly this morning? No? You should have! August 8 is the official World Day of Female Orgasm!

Why today? Why did you not know about this before? Is it just about pleasure or also about politics?

We’ll answer all your questions so you have time to think of ways to celebrate this glorious day with as much pleasure as possible.

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!

So let’s take a look at how it all started. In 2006, the Councillor of Esperantina (Brazil), José Arimateia Dantas Lacerda, promoted a law to defend sexual pleasure in women, study it and address it as a matter of public health.

Dantas realized that women in particular were not satisfied with their sexuality and had a hard time to climax, struggling to enjoy pleasure. A survey was issued to investigate the matter further and concluded that the situation had to change because it was "a matter of public health”, due to all the health benefits orgasms produce. The initiative went viral and in the end, August 8 was adopted worldwide as International Female Orgasm Day. Or as we call it: Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

The pleasure gap

More than a decade has passed since the proclamation of Female Orgasm Day, but the pleasure gap still exists today. So why hasn't this changed? One reason of course is that we need more than just one day a year to remind ourselves of the greatness of the female orgasm and all its health benefits. It’s a matter of constant practice and also a matter of truly understanding your own body, your wants and needs and how to fill you daily life with small and arousing pleasures.

Additionally, we, as a society, need to do some serious myth-busting about the subject of female orgasm and anatomy, so women (and men) can have a whole new (and way more satisfying!) understanding of female sexuality.

We started Emjoy with exactly those goals in mind. We want to help you get a better understanding about your body, increase your self-love, feel better in your skin and learn sex techniques that arouse both your body and mind in ways you hadn't imagined before. Oh, and did we mention that all this will help you live a happier and healthier life?

Say it loud, say it proud: It’s all about the clit!

The idea of ​​penis-vagina sex remains widespread as the "normal" form of our idea of "having sex". This is one of the first things to erase from our minds, once and for all! Repeat after us (and tons of studies on the matter):

The majority of women need stimulation of the clitoris to orgasm. Penetrative sex is not enough!

That said, penetrative sex can also lead some women to orgasm, but that happens because part of the clitoris is touching the walls of the vagina which can be stimulated by penetration. We have more on this in one of our female anatomy sessions, if you’re interested!

But the fact remains: We can't talk about female orgasm without talking about the clitoris! So: Let’s get cliterate!

Get cliterate and stop faking it!

So what’s the current reality of female orgasms? Studies suggest that half or almost half of us fake orgasms frequently. We pretend to have fun, when actually we aren’t and we pretend to climax even though we don’t. We’ve probably all done it. Either it’s because we feel guilty or think it’s what our partners want to hear or, or…. it does not matter, really, does it? Let’s stop the nonsense. Let’s not fake orgasms anymore! Why should we?

So, yes. It’s alarming to realize that only one partner is constantly and truly enjoying sex, while the other partner is faking it. But there’s hope! Did you know that when women masturbate, between 75-80% have no problems climaxing and that women in  homosexual relationships almost always reach orgasm? So don’t despair!

There are many factors that can influence whether or not we reach orgasm in a sexual encounter. But in all of them we can take an active role to improve how we feel so that we can all enjoy our sexuality more freely and happily.

Reinventing “good sex”

As you can see, studies urge us to move forward and reach a more satisfying status quo. The best thing we can do is to learn more about the female orgasm and know ourselves better. It's not only important for women to fully understand their own body, it’s also essential that men (or partners in general) learn more about female orgasms if we all want to have truly satisfying sexual relationships.

Our sexual power is often not fully activated, even though it is so powerful!

We would like to invite you to become aware of your body in new ways. Knowing yourself - all of you: your mind, your body, your desires, what you like and also what you don’t like is the master key to a whole new relationship with yourself and your sexuality.

Your body is a wonderland!

  1. The brain: Yes! It’s the most powerful sexual organ. Because it’s the place where orgasms occur, because it 's where we can change our ideas and beliefs, because it's where sensory and emotional stimuli arouse our desire. The brain is our primary tool for sexual satisfaction.
  2. The clitoris, of course! The jewel in your crown and the only organ of the human body created exclusively for pleasure. Understanding the clitoris and knowing how to stimulate it is the key to orgasms. Love your clit!
  3. Love yourself! All parts. Respect yourself. Know yourself. The most satisfying sexual relationship of your life should be the one with yourself. You are your most important lover and you alone know best how to make your body and mind happy. Learn what you want and like and how to give yourself the pleasure you deserve!

Fall in love with yourself and your body!

Orgasm inequality is a reality. But so is the power of female orgasms and all the health benefits that come with them! If you don’t feel like you are living your sexuality to its full potential, don’t worry! It’s a journey. A very fun one!

Don’t forget that your sexual pleasure is essential! Let’s all try to become more sex- and body-positive and understand and believe that our sexual pleasure is important.

We deserve it! We already have the necessary tools to activate all the powers that lie within our bodies and minds. So cancel all  your plans for tonight and add this to your To-Do List:

Celebrate Female Orgasm Day and Emjoy! A great way to get started is to check out our wellbeing collection Discover What You Like or Never Had An Orgasm.

Find out more in our YouTube video How to Orgasm: Female Masturbation Techniques from an Expert.

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