Celebrate Self-Love May!

May is National Masturbation Month and there couldn’t be a better way to fight the stigma about solo sex than devoting an entire month to celebrating the art of getting busy with yourself.

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Discover the two limited time playlists just available this month on sexual education and stories to spark your imagination.

There’s a ton of benefits:

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Learn and practice self-knowledge. Sometimes you don’t need two to tango!
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The idea that intimacy is limited to coitus is an antiquated belief (and frankly, a bit sexist)
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If you don’t know what you like, exploring your body is an excellent jumping-off point
Icon FIre
Is just one facet of your sexuality, and it’s also very healthy to carve out time for yourself
Icon Stars
Has proven physical and psychological benefits to women, like reducing menstrual pain
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So if you’re curious, be brave and indulge your curiosity this month. You won’t be alone (well, you will!)

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