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Learn to Masturbate

Learn to Masturbate

Masturbation brings understanding. It fosters self-expression.
And when we practice self-expression, we are nurturing the most important relationship we’ll ever have: the one we have with ourselves. And masturbation will also help us have healthier relationships with others.

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Play with Yourself

Masturbation teaches you autoeroticism. Autoeroticism is tending to one’s own sexual desire, usually through masturbation. It’s literally taking care of yourself.

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Learn to Masturbate

There’s a ton of benefits:

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Masturbation teaches you self-knowledge. Solo sex is still sex
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The idea that sex is limited to vaginal penetration is an antiquated belief that prioritizes male pleasure over female pleasure
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If you don’t know what you like, masturbation is an excellent jumping-off point
Icon FIre
Is just one facet of your sexuality, and it’s also very healthy to carve out time for sex with yourself
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Has proven physical and psychological benefits to women, like reducing menstrual pain
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So if you’re curious, be brave and indulge your curiosity this month. You won’t be alone (well, you will!)

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