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Bonding II

Her+Him+Him - Threesome - Kinky

Two men dominating me while I let go of all control. Dreams do come true…

30 sec. preview session

A Secret Spot

Her+Him - Hookup - Oral - Spontaneous

My first vacation abroad, Italy! The food, culture & people have me on cloud 9…

30 sec. preview session

Sales! Sales! Sales!

Her+Her+Him - In Public - Group

Holiday shopping with my loves & we find a way to spice it up…

30 sec. preview session

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Don’t take it from us, take it from them

Jan 05, 2021

Such a delight!
This app is a breath of fresh air! I recommend it to anyone who’s curious. I’m really impressed by the mix of mindfulness practices, educational sessions, and sexy stories. The pleasure/sexual positivity is what women need more of this world.

Mar 23, 2020

This app is HOT
Just listened to “The Morning After” story. It is seriously hot. I liked it more than the older ones! HOTTT

Nov 22, 2021

Quality material!
So easy to use and follow. Everything is in bite size pieces so it’s easy to consume, and all the information + stories are quality. I’ve really enjoyed adding Emjoy to my daily routine.

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