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Enjoying more consistent orgasms, female ejaculation & squirting, and having better sex is linked to understanding your body, learning what you like and how to communicate with your partners.

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All About Orgasms

What might prevent us from having an orgasm?

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Struggling to Reach Orgasm

Do you find it more difficult when you’re with someone else?

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Tips and Tricks

In case you didn’t already know: the clit is the star of the show!

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Don’t take it from us, take it from them

Jan 05, 2021

Such a delight!
This app is a breath of fresh air! I recommend it to anyone who’s curious. I’m really impressed by the mix of mindfulness practices, educational sessions, and sexy stories. The pleasure/sexual positivity is what women need more of this world.

Bridget Dale
May 21, 2020

Honestly changing my life. I love how it creates a journey for you to follow but it’s all lead by you. Gentle audios with no pressure and you get to learn more about you and your body. Game changer!

Sep 2, 2021

Love this App!
Got stuck in a routine and this app helped to remind me what I like and how to communicate it with my partner. Thanks Emjoy!

Courtney A.
Feb 15, 2021

I don’t typically write reviews, but this app is 100% worth every penny. I’ve struggled with low libido due to medications and mental illness, but even after my session I was finding new ways to experience pleasure. My relationship has also improved greatly, and it feels like we’ve just started seeing each other for the first time again.

Nov 22, 2021

Quality material!
So easy to use and follow. Everything is in bite size pieces so it’s easy to consume, and all the information + stories are quality. I’ve really enjoyed adding Emjoy to my daily routine.

Miranda Booth
Jan 10, 2021

Such an amazing app. Would recommend to all ladies. Seriously helps you to develop a positive relationship to your own sexuality and sexual organs.

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Mia Sabat
Sex Therapist
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Sex & Relationship Expert
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Educator & Body Acceptance Advocate
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Relationship & Self-Esteem Coach
Charisse Cooke
Relationship Expert
Chelsea Bri
Endometriosis Coach
Dr. Jessica O’Reilly
Relationship Expert & Sexologist
Erin Tillman
Dating Coach & Sex Educator
Janel Vitale
Relationship Coach
Jessica Graham
Author & Mindful Sex Guide
Jimanekia Elborn
Trauma Specialist
Lorrae Jo Bradbury
Sex, Love & Empowerment Coach
Maria Sosa
Holistic Health Expert
Marla Renee Stewart
Sexologist, Author & Educator
Ruby Rare
Non-Monogamous Educator
Sarah Yudkin
Relationship Anxiety Coach

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